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Requirements for submission and acceptance for publication of research/articles in the International Refereed Journal of Language and Culture

For articles/research submitted to be acceptable and valid for publication in the International Refereed Journal of Language and Culture , the following conditions must be observed:

  1. It is permitted that the research/article be written in Arabic, Malay or English and that the aims of the scientific journal not be contrary to language and culture.

  2. Research/article will be conducted on subjects related to language studies in Arabic; language and literature, criticism and rhetoric, semantics, phonetic, lexicography, Arabic language education, Arabic applied linguistic, History of Arabic linguistic and literature, cultural and history; and other studies related to Arabic Language and Literature.

  3. Not more than 20 pages of research/article, not less than 10 pages, including summary and reference list.

  4. Manuscripts must be written in MS Word with the following specifications:

    For Arabic written

    Font: Traditional Arabic. Size: 16 and 14 for footnote with a spacing of (1.0).

    For English and Malay written

    Font: Times New Roman. Size: 12 and 10 for footnote with spacing of (1.0)

  5. Commit substantive and methodological research/article and scientific integrity.

  6. The research/article is not published in any magazine before, in part or in whole.

  7. The postscript are written at the bottom of every page or at the end of the research.

  8. How to document texts, references and sources, as follows:

-Author's name, book name, printing house, printing place, print number, year, skin number or part, if any, page number.

-For example: Sibawaih, Umar Bin Basyar

-Source for indirect quotation: Look, or review

-It takes into account writing the name of fame or title for the author first, and if the name of fame does not exist, the name of the author itself is used.

-Documentation of the Quranic verses of the Mushaf  Madinah by Uthman painting with the attribution of the verses.

-Notation of  Prophetic Talk: The source writes to speak by writing the name of the author, the name of the book, the number of the talk, the print - place of the edition - part if any - page.

-Co-author (more than one book) as first author, the rest referred to as word and colleague or others

-Institutions and bodies: Writes the name of the body or institution, type of issue, date of issue and page

- Seminars and conferences: the name of the writer, the subject of the paper, the title of the symposium or the instrument, place - date - page.

-Not more than 300-250 words of research and 6-5 words of key words and covering all key elements of the topic.

10. To send research/articles and summaries together with a brief biographical statement to the authors.

11.It should be noted that the research/article is sent to international arbitrators for evaluation and subsequent acceptance or rejection.

12.The magazine is published twice a year, from January to June, and from July to December each year.

13. The research/articles are sent to the editor-in-chief to email: : The research sent to us is answered within a maximum of one month by accepting, publishing or refusing the search.

14. The research/essay may be prepared by more than one writer/author, but not more than four researchers, whose names are mentioned in order at the beginning of the article immediately after the headline, and it is sufficient to send a brief biography only to the lead writer or author.

15. The International Refereed Journal of Language And Culture uses open peer review, The reviews are managed by the section editors. Authors are required to upload revised versions and reply to reviewer's comments.

16. Open Access Policy, this journal open its content and accessible on the principle that making research freely available sources to the public supports a greater global exchange and transfer of knowledge.